My Little Sisters Post: Meet Ella

 I decided to write stories on my guest blogger posts sometimes and i had been working and adding onto this one:


Chapter 1


 “Okay, here’s $1.99 enough for 2 milk chocolate, 1 dark chocolate, or 3 white chocolate.”


“White chocolate, so me you and Andrea can have one.”


“Yes,” said 8-year-old Andrea.


Ella skipped to her horses stall, Thunder, and Put on his tack. Ella hopped on her and they rode off to the market.


“Hello Mrs. Elisabeth,” Said Ella to the Cashier.


“3 white Chocolate Bars and Necklace and Earrings set, that’ll be $6.99.”


“Okay.” Ella produced the money out of her pocket.


“You have a good day.”


“You to, ma’am.”


When she got to her house she ran to the door and gave her siblings the chocolate bars.


When Ella and Andrea were in their room, Ella showed Andrea the jewelry set she had got them.


“Look at this; I like it, don’t you?”


“Yeah,” said Andrea.


“What are you saving up for?”


 “Some birthstone earrings and necklace.”


Ella smiled, she knew her sister had been saving up for that.


 “May I come in,” Andrew called to the girls.


“Yes, Shhh.”

The End of Part 1


My little sisters post: I havent posted in forever!

Hi! I haven’t posted in forever and I finally remembered to do it. I am going to try to remember to post every Saturday.

I know E F G on the guitar and quarter notes & half notes.


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My Little Sister’s Post: New Book’s

My mom got me new books there names are:  American struggle, American Dream, American challange, Dreams in the golden country, Journey to the new world, the great railroad race, and so far from home. she also got me two Boxar car children Books.