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Bologna in a Box

[ 5 minutes to read ]Making the atheist’s argument for him an a Christian believe that God doesn’t exist? No would seem to be the obvious answer, but what if it’s not? In the early…

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Grow Up

[ 6 minutes to read ]Winds can blow strong. recently read an article from a preacher about interpreting dreams. The article was peppered with some Bible verses, but, of course, there were no contextual explanations…

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One Word

[ 7 minutes to read ]Terrible advice preachers give t’s a new year and a great time to commit to reading the Bible every day. With a plan, you could read the entire Bible this…

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Knocking on Your Door

[ 4 minutes to read ]What are we opening the door to? ‘ve had cultists at my door. I’ve had conversations with them on the front porch. I’ve had cultists come up to me in…

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