Proverbs 1:10

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My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
– Proverbs 1:10

[V]erses 10 to 19 describe the other way, the way of folly. The way of wisdom has been shown to be an initially difficult way that ends with ornaments of grace bestowed. The way of folly will be shown as an initially easy way that ends with humiliation and ultimately death.

Sinners in Proverbs are those who do not have the spirit of wisdom. It is a categorization more than a comment about anything in particular they’re engaged in. The word for entice literally means roomy or spacious. In that sense, it means to make the way easy. There are elements of deceit and allurement.

The fatherly address continues and proceeds from this verse to give an example of enticement. It isn’t the only sort of enticement, but a common one. The father instructs and warns the son about the various settings and ways in life where he will be compelled to go a certain way. Obviously, he needs wisdom to discern the good way from the bad. He is then to refuse his consent to the way of folly.

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