Proverbs 1:20

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Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:
– Proverbs 1:20

[T]hus far we have seen two different ways and two different ends—the way and end of folly and the way and end of wisdom. Verses 10-19 showed the way and end of folly through the sinners’ enticement. Verses 20-33 now show the calling of wisdom.

Solomon shows that wisdom is accessible. Wisdom here cries and utters her voice in the streets. Wisdom cries openly. The streets are the common place of common men and women. The rest of the passage also bears out that wisdom is accessible. So wisdom is not some secret or mystical knowledge only for a few initiates like the Gnostics taught.

Solomon warns that sinners are calling and compelling us to go their way. He also teaches that wisdom is in the common spaces and cries out to be heard and followed. A part of his aim is to teach us to discern the call of wisdom and walk in the good way.

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