Proverbs 21:23

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Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.
– Proverbs 21:23

[T]he word for keepeth in both occurrences means to guard, or hedge about. The act of closely guarding your speech also guards your life to prevent troubles, or adversity, as the word indicates. Proverbs consistently testifies to the wisdom of controlling your words so that they are few (Proverbs 10:19; 17:27-28), timely (Proverbs 15:23), righteous (Proverbs 16:13), and cool tempered (Proverbs 15:1; 25:15). The mouth of the wicked and foolish will always bring them into trouble (Proverbs 6:2; 11:8; 18:6-7).

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