Book Review: Ploductivity: A Practical Theology of Tools & Wealth

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Ploductivity: A Practical Theology of Tools & WealthPloductivity: A Practical Theology of Tools & Wealth by Douglas Wilson
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[P]retty good book overall. I have long been a devotee of plodding, and still, Wilson, gave me many things to think about. You can think of this book as a more biblical treatment of “How To Do What You Want To Do” by Hauck, though that is a good book in its own right. I may have been inclined to cough up more stars if it weren’t for the explicit postmillennialism. Everything Wilson writes, and I do mean everything, is laced with postmillennialism as a hidden transcript. Sometimes it stitches his patchwork together with external seams. Had Spurgeon known Wilson’s writing the way he knew Bunyan’s, he might have remarked of Wilson, “Prick him and he bleeds postmill.” All that said, he does a good job with work, tools, technology, and wealth. It’s worth reading.

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