Proverbs 24:1

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[C]hapter 24 continues the “words of the wise” in verses 1-22 and adds an appendix of wise sayings in verses 23-34. The sayings cover various topics such as, envy, wisdom, fools, perseverance, futility, enemies, good citizenry, judgment, false witness, and learning wisdom. There is no apparent structure beyond the usual verse pairs that form a saying.

Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.
– Proverbs 24:1

[V]erses 1-2 form a saying warning against envying evil men. The word for envious means to be jealous. The word for desire means to wish for. Wisdom instructs not to envy the prosperity of evil men, nor want to be with them. Wisdom has elsewhere warned of the folly of making bad companions (Proverbs 1:11-15; 13:20; 23:20). The warning starts with envy, which is an inner desire or jealousy that sees something desirable in the lives of the wicked. To one without wisdom, the life of evil men looks free, exciting, and prosperous. Wisdom knows better, because wisdom takes the long view (Proverbs 23:18; 24:20).

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