Proverbs 8:1

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[C]hapter 8 presents wisdom as a noble woman with great dignity. There is obviously a contrast with the strange woman of the previous chapters. Verses 1-5 present the character of wisdom as open and accessible. This obviously contrasts with the furtive ways in the dark of the strange woman. Verses 6-13 reveal wisdom as common. Wisdom is common in the sense of being findable but it is never common in the sense of being worldly. Wisdom is always upright and righteous. Verses 14-21 show that wisdom brings reward or blessing. The reward of wisdom is both physical and spiritual. Verses 22-31 reveal that God himself always acts with wisdom. Verses 32-36 emphasize the spiritual nature of wisdom in that wisdom deals in issues of life and death.

Doth not wisdom cry? And understanding put forth her voice?
– Proverbs 8:1

To cry is to accost or to call out to and to put forth is to make known. Though many voices clamor to be heard, the voice of wisdom is present. Solomon highlights the accessibility of wisdom. Wisdom is available (James 1:5). Wisdom actively cries out, but only hearing ears will hear (Mark 4:23). Solomon’s point is to urge us to seek out and listen to wisdom.

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