Psalm 119:19

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I am a stranger in the earth:
hide not thy commandments from me.

~ Psalm 119:19

[S]trangers are sobered to the reality that they are not at home. It is a confession and an acknowledgement. Strangers confess they have no standing in the land (Genesis 23:40). Strangers acknowledge their need and reliance on their hosts (Genesis 47:8-12). Strangers are seeking; not yet finding (Hebrews 11:13-16).

The Psalmist, as a true child of God, confesses he has not a square inch of earth to call home. He is seeking a better home. Like the weary traveling pilgrim, he needs and depends on others. Here he claims dependence upon God. The food and shelter he needs is the food and shelter of God’s Word.

A stranger does not know how richly he will be treated or what his host may hide from him. He is at the mercy of another. The Psalmist seeks a mercy that the commandments not be hidden. He pleads to feast with the table spread. He does not beg crumbs of God’s Word. He seeks the feast of fine things.

He knows God’s character with the stranger (Deuteronomy 10:17-18). Therefore, his petition is made with reason to hope. This teaches us to humbly wait and call upon God. We are to desire His kingdom above food and drink (Matthew 6:31-33) and rely upon His mercy and goodness to show us His Word (Psalm 25:8-10).

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