Psalm 119:29

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Remove from me the way of lying:
and grant me thy law graciously.

~ Psalm 119:29

[A] heart that loves truth also hates falsehood. A heart that seeks truth also eschews lies. “The way of lying” is the road or path of deceptions of all sorts. The Psalmist desired them all swept away. He didn’t want to tinker with white lies and half-truths. He diden’t want to engage in socially acceptable misdirections. He prayed to the God of truth for protection from lying.

He did not seek a void. He wanted lying removed that God’s law might occupy. The request is a very humble one. Graciously here has the thought of bending, or stooping in kindness to an inferior. He acknowledged God superior, yea, even supreme. He bowed low and appealed to God’s goodness and kindness. God delights in this kind of prayer (1 Peter 5:5-7).

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