Psalm 119:32

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I will run the way of thy commandments,
when thou shalt enlarge my heart.

~ Psalm 119:32

[T]o run here means to move swiftly. It implies freedom of movement and certainty of direction. When we are going in an unfamiliar way, we move slowly and more cautiously as we look for signs and obstacles. When we go in the familiar way, we move quickly and know the turns and twists.

The Psalmist states that when God has enlarged his heart with the Word, then he will run the way of God’s commandments. This means he has liberty to run and purpose of direction. He will not be halting and stumbling, but moving forward decidedly.

This fourth stanza has twice referred to the soul and once to the heart. It is concerned with true heart-work and not mere head-knowledge with outward conformity. Resolve and deliberate action are involved in going the right way. Holiness is not something we land on while floating along, nor is it arrived at unintentionally.

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