Psalm 119:39

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Turn away my reproach which I fear:
for thy judgments are good.
~ Psalm 119:39

Turn away my reproach which I fear

[W]hen there is any cause for legitimate reproach in a believer’s life, it discredits God and the Word. The testimony of our mouth is only so much hot air when the walk of our life discords with it.

We are blessed when we are reproached for righteousness’ sake (1 Peter 3:14). We are blessed when we are reproached for the name of Christ (1 Peter 4:14). However, we are brought to shame when we are reproached as a thief, liar, or gossip (1 Peter 4:15).

The Psalmist’s prayer is to be turned from shameful reproach. He doesn’t want a profession-practice dissonance to be the source of God, Christ, the Word, or the faith being blasphemed.

for thy judgments are good

The world continually criticizes the Bible and charges that it is not good. It is scoffed, mocked, scorned, slandered, and disbelieved in every age. But the Word of God is eternally settled (Psalm 119:89) and cannot be removed. It will stand and all things in it shall come to pass (Matthew 5:18).

Regardless of man’s accusations, the Word is good, holy, and pure (Proverbs 30:5). The goodness of God’s word is the basis for the Psalmist’s prayer. His heart-desire is for a life that will shine a light and will reflect the goodness of God.

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