Psalm 119:46

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I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings,
and will not be ashamed.
~ Psalm 119:46

I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings

[T]estifying before kings is a weighty matter. It might seem the Psalmist is ambitious or eager to stand before kings but there might be other considerations. First, given the previous forty-five verses, he may simply be expressing that he is prepared to do so. He has been meditating on the Word of God, hiding it in his heart, being made to understand it, having his eyes opened by God, walking in the way, and finding delight in the Word. In other words, he has something to say if he is given the opportunity. Because of his desire and devotion to the Word, he is supplied with substance to speak.

The second consideration is that the Psalmist could be David and speaking to kings would then be to speak to his fellows. Here again he has been prepared to witness to his peers and has something of substance to say.

and will not be ashamed

To speak and not be ashamed requires at least two conditions. First, it requires a sufficient knowledge of the subject. If you endeavor to speak and then don’t know what you’re talking about, you are ashamed. Second, It requires consistency of profession and practice. If you are going to speak one thing and do another, you will be ashamed as a hypocrite.

The Psalmist’s trust in God and devotion to His Word has fitted him to speak that Word. He has been prepared to speak from the poor to the kings and being made to walk in God’s way means he will not be ashamed before men.

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