Review: Critique of Modern Youth Ministry

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Critique of Modern Youth Ministry
Critique of Modern Youth Ministry by Christopher Schlect
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A brief but helpful book. The author looks at the roots and development of youth ministry to what we know it as today. Generally it’s an unquestioned institution among Christians today. Even with trainwreck after trainwreck few stop considering how it should be done and question whether it should be done at all. I’m amazed at how something that existed only so recently in history can be so ingrained in our thinking that to question it is out of the question.

The conciseness of this book means it’s easy to read in an evening and provokes thoughts that will last much longer. Much more can be said than what this book covers but the author does a good job in the space. I guess my main complaint is that it leaves you wanting more, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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