Review: Preaching in the New Testament

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Preaching in the New TestamentPreaching in the New Testament by Jonathan Griffiths
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This book is a biblical theology of preaching in the New Testament. The author seeks to find the link, if it exists, from prophetic preaching, to Jesus, to Paul, to Timothy, and to post-apostolic preaching today. He makes a good argument in exegetical fashion with examination of three key terms for preaching in the New Testament and some key textual passages relevant to preaching.

This is not a how-to book, so it will not be much help to learn how to preach. The book deals more with the why of preaching and emphasizes that preaching God’s word as he has given it is how God’s voice is heard today. He focuses on the public proclamation of God’s word in the assembly of God’s people, but he also give some remarks to other facets of word ministry.

This book is more a foundational study of preaching. Though not teaching how to preach, explaining the foundation of preaching will surely shape how it is done. This book isn’t light reading, but it isn’t too technical. I enjoyed the thought provoking study and will return to it again for reference.

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