Review: Proverbs: An Introduction & Commentary

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Proverbs: An Introduction & Commentary
Proverbs: An Introduction & Commentary by Derek Kidner
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This is the classic commentary on Proverbs. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is a topical study where Kidner groups the relevant Proverbs passages into topics such as words, family, the sluggard, etc. He doesn’t just list the verses, but he puts them into a subgroup under the main subject.

The second part is verse commentary. The commentary is brief but very helpful. Proverbs can be challenging to study because it isn’t like most books that have one main theme and everything is building or connected to it.

This is the one book to have on Proverbs, if you only have one. The whole book is small compared to the subject matter. It could be used in a devotional manner to much profit. I highly recommend this little volume.

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