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Stop Stealing Dreams
Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin
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Seth Godin is a stimulating thinker and writer. He writes with the view that his book isn’t the end, rather it is the start of a conversation. He doesn’t write to give the “final answer,” but rather to make sure you don’t think you have asked the “final question” on the subject.

His latest manifesto centers around education. He raises necessary questions about the system of education while looking back to see how we got here. Godin doesn’t try to answer all the questions or solve all the problems. He recognizes that changing the system would take at least one generation. So, he pushes all of us to pick ourselves and change our education now.

I certainly don’t agree with all the solutions he points toward and some of the ideas are raw and need a lot of work. Godin doesn’t really address the spiritual and moral dynamics to the education question. His treatment of the history of schooling also neglects these aspects. As a Christian, I am concerned about faith in all aspects of life. Nevertheless, I am glad somebody is raising the questions in the public arena.

I highly recommend this ebook. It will provoke you to thought and hopefully even some action.

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