Missionary Biography

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The Secret File on John Birch by James and Marti Hefley is the life story of John Birch. Birch was born in India to missionary parents, but he grew up in the United States when, for medical reasons, his family had to return home. He was a Southern Baptist missionary to China.

Birch went to China before the U. S. entered the second World War. He arrived when China was partially occupied by the Japanese. After Pearl Harbor was attacked, the U. S. entered the war and many missionaries in China were evacuated, but Birch stayed in China. Birch volunteered for the Army and became an intelligence officer in China. He was murdered by the communists after the end of the war.

This book is written from the conspiratorial perspective, which is disappointing because the spiritual aspects of Birch’s life are much more important and edifying. I highly recommend this book so long as you are not caught up with the conspiracy aspect.

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