Proverbs 28:24

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Whoso robbeth his father or his mother, and saith, It is no transgression; the same is the companion of a destroyer.
– Proverbs 28:24

[R]obbing parents was a serious violation of the law (Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16). The act pointed to in the saying is probably not the nighttime B&E larceny variety. The idea is likely more along the line of the son who is a waster in Proverbs 19:26. He may squander his parents’ wealth (Luke 15:11-32), and refuse to support them in old age (Mark 7:10-13). He may be a perennial moocher, draining his parents resources (Proverbs 18:9). The middle line of the saying reveals a hardened conscience, like that condemned by Jesus in the practice of corban. The result is becoming a destroyer, and Paul said worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5:4, 8), which is another shameful association (Proverbs 28:7).

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