Psalm 119:13

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With my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.
~ Psalm 119:13

Twelve verses have been between the Psalmist and God and now he speaks to others. He has first cleansed his way by taking heed to the Word of God. He has first sought God with his whole heart. He has first hidden the Word of God in his heart. He has first praised God and learned His statutes. After that, his lips are parted and his voice is raised to tell out loud the judgments of God.

His words flow out from his communion with God and out of the treasure of his heart. He has been treasuring God and His Word such that when he opens his mouth, the judgments of God are declared. Jesus made plain the truth that our heart is the internal storehouse for our words (Luke 6:45) and actions (Matthew 15:18-20). An abundance of vain and empty talk is a sign of a vain and empty heart.

This verse also illustrates the profound effect of God’s Word. What he has learned, loved, and lived in private is declared in public. He is consistent then in the closet and the street. Secret times of communion with God is the key to fruitful times of conversation with men.

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