Review: If You Could Ask God One Question

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If You Could Ask God One QuestionIf You Could Ask God One Question by Paul Williams
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A practical and helpful book. It is outreach oriented and apologetically engaged without the high technical aspect of some apologetics works. Technical works certainly have their place, but this book fills in an under-supplied area.

This could be given to a lost friend or coworker without worrying that it would be inaccessible or irrelevant to them. It is not a stand-alone evangelistic book but could probably open a door for further conversation. It could help to break the ice with someone you have been wanting to witness to but can never seem to turn the conversation to weightier matters.

The book deals with many common questions people have in relation to God and the Bible. The answers are not exhaustive but are well done. This helps to keep the book concise and more likely to be read. The style is conversational and interesting. Christians would be benefited by reading it to think about these questions and their answers.

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