Review: Old Landmarkism: What Is It?

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Old Landmarkism: What Is It?
Old Landmarkism: What Is It? by J. R. Graves
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Mostly good though a little heavy-handed. Graves is not a dazzling writer, but he is clear and passionate. This book is mostly a polemic against alien baptism, open communion, or inter-communion, and pulpit affiliations. Graves makes his case in a very logical argument. He draws from Scripture and history to support his assertions.

He deals here with issues of church polity that we rarely hear about today. It is not that the issues don’t exist today, but few seem to be troubled at all by these questions. Ours is an age where it is not acceptable to scrutinize nor criticize another’s views. Everyone is supposed to sit around the table equally. Of course that was not the approach of Jesus nor His apostles, and it shouldn’t be ours.

This book was written in the heat of the day and you may or may not be familiar with the men, churches, and situations he refers to. I recommend reading it carefully and thoughtfully. Graves has been maligned over the years and many things attributed to him that he would be surprised to learn about. Read him yourself and find out what he actually wrote and believed.

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