Review: To Be Continued: Are the Miraculous Gifts For Today?

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To Be Continued: Are the Miraculous Gifts For Today?
To Be Continued: Are the Miraculous Gifts For Today? by Samuel E. Waldron
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Good book. Waldron’s reasoning and argument are tight and compelling. He does not write in an over-your-head style. He doesn’t waste a lot of words, but gets right to the point. Consequently, this is a brief book but covers a lot of material. He deals graciously with what can certainly be a contentious subject. He deals seriously with objections and arguments the opposing viewpoint raises.

While all those are commendable qualities, I don’t think they are the main reason you should read this book. You should read this book because it deals with biblical truth in an area of much confusion, ignorance, and misunderstanding. Waldron goes back to foundational principles and considers the reason or purpose for the revelatory and confirming sign gifts. This aspect is seldom discussed when considering the continuance of miraculous gifts. Many start with asking what are the spiritual gifts, or how are they used? It’s better to start with why are the spiritual gifts? What is the scriptural purpose? Has that purpose been fulfilled? If so, would the miraculous gifts be necessary any longer?

Read it carefully and look to the Word of God.

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