Review: Disciplines of a Godly Man [With Complete Study Guide]

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Disciplines of a Godly Man [With Complete Study Guide]
Disciplines of a Godly Man [With Complete Study Guide] by R. Kent Hughes
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Challenging and convicting throughout. Kent Hughes has written an extremely practical book about living the Christian life as a man. I like the challenge he issues to men and the encouragement to holy sweat. We can sit around whining about our “issues” and our “struggles” or we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. Paul would have us to quit ourselves like men and be strong, to put away childish things, and to gird up our loins like men. In other words, get to work.

I realize a book like this can be dangerous. Some will use it to ply works righteousness and legalism. Unfortunately, they do the same with the Scripture. Hughes does bring it all together at the end under grace. It would have been better to have grace sprinkled a little more throughout and not saved so much for the end. Nevertheless, it is of grace and we need grace-driven effort, as D. A. Carson put it.

I highly recommend this book to Christian men and particularly those who have a good grasp of justification by faith and the operation of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

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