Review: William Carey: A Biography

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William Carey: A Biography
William Carey: A Biography by Joseph Belcher
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Very good. Belcher wrote this biography twenty years after Carey’s death. There is much to appreciate in the life of William Carey. Considering his accomplishments amidst the difficulties and in the amount of time he had, leaves us in awe, but lessons are there to be learned.

Carey did not see himself as particularly gifted, though he was quite gifted. Without formal education, he acquired a proficiency in difficult foreign languages that was hardly rivaled. In an ironic twist, he wrote many of the works that would be used as texts for the formal education of others.

He considered himself a plodder and he plodded through translating the whole Bible into 6 different languages and portions of the Bible into 26 different languages. He was a disciplined and hard worker. To read his account of a typical day makes one tired.

I was personally affected at different points in this account and I will ponder those things in my own heart. I recommend this biography to all.

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