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Jesus Christ Is Lord
Jesus Christ Is Lord by Ron Crisp
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Ron Crisp has given us a brief and helpful book on the mediatorial lordship of Jesus Christ. The value of his contribution to this study is the clarity and precision he brings to it. The author draws out the distinction between the ontological lordship and mediatorial lordship of Jesus Christ. He obviously focuses on the latter. Jesus’ mediatorial lordship has to do with his humanity, being the last Adam, the second man, and the greater David. This lordship exclusively belongs to the Son of Man in connection with his birth, life, death, and resurrection.

Crisp is right that the lordship of Jesus has been subjected to misunderstanding, imprecision, and fuzzy thinking by many. What does it mean to say, Jesus is Lord? This book will help you with that question. He is also right that this aspect of Christ’s lordship hasn’t received much attention. Hopefully, this book will help spark some change in that regard.

The book ends with some practical application of this doctrinal truth and reality. He touches briefly on the issue of lordship salvation and the faulty teaching that man can make Jesus lord. I recommend this book highly.

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